Good Morning Houston Demolitions Report: Humble and the San Jacinto River…

The Demolition report lists buildings that have received City of Houston Demolition permits. This has been produced in respect to our terminated SwampLot service, farewell and thank you!

2216 MACGREGOR WAY 2 77004 (Garage Apartment in Riverside Terr.)
1015 BURNING TREE RD 77339 (Humble Split-Level)
4303 BASTROP ST 77004 (Holman Outlot)
2000 HOLLY HALL ST 77054 (Retirement Home)
3821 WILMER ST 77003 (720sf built in 2009)
6039 DARKWOOD DR 77088 (Legal Owner is HCFCD)
5906 VAL VERDE ST 77057 (Westheimer Gardens, potential new construction)
4730 IDAHO ST 77021 (New Construction in this area)
5505 RUSSETT DR 77056 (Over and Acre in Tanglewood)
1007 E 32ND ST 77022 (Mccomb and rising lot values/ new construction in this area)
1730 GARDENIA DR 77018 (Oak Forest)
9400 IRVINGTON BLVD 77076 (Sam Houston Highschool)
1014 WALTWAY DR 77008 (Timbergrove Manor Sale)
12134 OLD OAKS DR 77024 (Memorial Forest Sale)
1203 CORDELL ST 77009 (Garage Apartment)
2214 MACGREGOR WAY 77004 (Garage Apartment)
1120 JACKSON BLVD 77006 (Montrose Multifamily Sale)
1321 HICKORY LN 77339 (Humble)
5931 GRAPEVINE ST 77085 (Winchester Place)
950 CHAMBOARD LN 77018 (Shepherd Park Plaza)
9315 VALLEY STREAM ST 77037 (Northline Terrace)
5022 HEATHERGLEN DR 77096 (Meyerland Sale)
1144 W 24TH ST 77008 (Shady Acres Sale)
4528 GRIGGS RD 77021 (Vacant Commercial)
4533 BANNING DR 77027 (Large lot in Afton Oaks)
3103 PRESCOTT ST 77025 (Was an active listing)
1023 HIGHLAND ST 77009 (Norhill but not historic)
1227 HAMBLEN RD 77339 (Humble Again)
4435 W 12TH ST 77055 (Industrial for sale or was anyway)
5107 SCOTLAND ST 77007 (Rice Military)
1846 RICHMOND AVE 77098 (Montlew Place)
803 1/2 W 20TH ST 77008 (Shady Acres)

First off, my sincere apologies go out to those of you that were expecting a daily report this week, I had fallen behind and have been a bit busy providing valuation services for numerous REO properties lately. I will work to try and keep the lists coming out daily, although time of the day really depends on when the data is made available. Best of luck out there in the world of Real Estate, and thank you for reading.

Now for the fun part, what’s going on in Humble, Tx? 3 properties being demolished in almost all the same area, San Jacinto River is nearby but I prefer not to speculate. Any thoughts?

3 properties were not mapped correctly and are listed below.

2216 MACGREGOR WAY 2 77004

2214 MACGREGOR WAY 77004


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