Westbury Houston, TX – A Lucky Catch

Westbury Houston, TX – A Lucky Catch



Westbury is located southwest of downtown Houston and is nestled near the Willow Waterhole Greenway. The Westbury neighborhood is a highly sought after subdivision that characterizes what it means to have second chances. Developed in the 1950’s and 1960’s by Ira Berne, the area suffered under the 1980’s market crash. Today, the area is experiencing a revitalization owing to the gentrification of adjacent neighborhoods and an active community. Westbury’s convenient location near the 610 loop makes this a desirable location for commuters and those who want to stay near the city life.



Westbury is a Commuter’s Dream Home

Westbury is adjacent to the Fondren Southwest neighborhood to the west and to Meyerland in the north. Willowbend Blvd and South Post Oak Rd run along the north and west borders of the neighborhood, respectively. South Main Street/ US Highway 90 Alt outlines the southern border of Westbury and from there it is a 5 minute car ride to the 610 Loop.

The Westbury neighborhood is a lucky catch within the Houston city limits and appears to be capable of awarding investors and home owners with comparable returns. Over the past year, the neighborhood has seen an increase in listings and sales from September 2015 to September 2016. Taking into account that sales will likely dip for the winter season, Westbury has the capacity to continue strengthening its market over the next year. It is really not surprising to see the noticeable lack of distressed sales (REO’s), meaning investors are putting their trust in a region that is more likely to enjoy growth rather than fall back into a decline.

A briefing on Neighborhood Statistics

The subject neighborhood contains from 9/15 through 9/16 4 foreclosure sales in the past year out of a total 210 sales ranging from $92,500 to $525,000 with a list to sales price ratio of 95%-100%. As with all neighborhood varying conditions of each property vary greatly with one new construction sale, a wide variety of homes that are being renovated and marketed for what appear to be obtainable profits. Summer months as with most Houston neighborhoods experience the greatest number of sales, with a number of sales per month ranging from 9-30 sales per month throughout the year. One item of note is the number of active listings available for purchase has grown and continues to do so over the past year which should be is good for aspiring home owners but does need to considered when listing your investment in this neighborhood. If you have any questions about listing in this neighborhood and want a better idea of the competing homes in your neighborhood, please email us at appraisal@tromblyappraisal.com. Below is a graph of the active listings available per month over the last year.



An Active Community Brings Life to the Area

The neighborhood may be subject to some flooding but the Willow Waterhole Greenway Park, located on the east side of the neighborhood, has wet-bottom detention lakes that protect the area in case of major flooding. Westbury Willow waterhole GreenwayThe Park, a conservancy of the Harris County Flood Control and US Army Corps of Engineers’ Project Brays, is also a gathering place for residents to relax, exercise and play. Students from the adjacent highschool often enjoy the park in their off times and the wetlands area is a popular spot for bird watchers. Since 2013, Westbury’s annual Willow Waterhole MusicFest has delighted the locals and surrounding neighborhoods. We are watching the Houston infrastructure movement on the flooding fronts, we aim to keep you posted for news on this important issue, please feel free to reach out to us  if you have any questions on the matter. [will@therealestateexaminer.com]

Intersted in the Westbury Neighborhood? Looking for specific square footage, homes with pools, close to bus stops, new constructions etc? Inquire at [will@therealestateexaminer.com] for more information.

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