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RealtyScope Subscription


The online web application will allow for investors and real estate professionals to better determine values and prices of residential property through the use of comparable sales and listings.



Due to continued advances in technology and our ability as appraisers to create new sustainable and valuable products for our clients we will soon be launching an application for those of you out there implementing the sales comparison approach to finding values and prices of homes in the Houston and surrounding areas. This will be a substantial online tool that you can use in your web browser that will set you apart from your competitors with due diligence above and beyond the norm. The $/sf method of estimating value in your investments is an approach with a lot of weaknesses, and using this application will strongly support that statement. This is a monthly subscription product.
Some features of this product include:

  1. A sales grid allowing for adjustments on key features of value.
  2. The ability to make weighted averages of the comparable sales to determine a final value or price.
  3. The ability to export a market analysis and comparable sales grid to a PDF report for use with your clients, and market statistics and analysis performed in a neighborhood prescribed by the user

Currently with these features, understanding already the sales comparison approach you can use this application right away, if you need to brush up on your sales comparison skills a class is available here.


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