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Desktop Appraisal


Desktop appraisals are the best way to find out the estimated value price range of your house or any other residential investment property of your interest. Desktop appraisal reports are the initial prime choice of most people to get the rough estimate value range of real estate properties without physically performing the full inspection of interested properties.


The desktop appraisal (form 2065) is a valuation performed without a physical inspection of the property. All research is done as the name suggests, from the appraiser’s desk. A desktop appraisal is produced based on tax records and a multiple listing service (MLS). A “desktop appraisal” in which the appraiser estimates a property’s value without inspecting it, typically costs between $100-$150. This type of limited appraisal is utilized to determine if a property is worth enough to qualify for refinancing, before incurring the cost of a full appraisal.


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